John Wesley UMC
Saturday, January 16, 2021
Empowered to Reach, Touch, Serve

Core Values




Our Vision:

We, as individuals and as a congregation, empowered by the

Holy Spirit, strive to serve God by walking with Christ to

reach the individual, touch the community, and serve the world.


 Core Values:

On October 21, 2014, a group representing a cross section of our worshiping congregation joined our current leadership to engage in an exercise that would enable us to discern our Core Values here at JWUMC.  We began our time together by defining what a core value is and why it is important for us to understand what our core values are.


Our evening started by understanding that values are present whether we recognize them or not.  Core values, however, are those few, deep-seated convictions that guide our behavior and our life together.  Our task for the evening was to discern what our church has actually valued in the past and what we still value today.  Discovering that a stated value is not a true value if there is no evidence of it in our behavior we set out to answer the question:What values do our behaviors reflect?


After we created a fairly extensive list we began to have conversation that helped us to pare that list down to these values that we see as our


Core Values:
Passionate Worship


We then entered into conversation around the questions: 
Do these values 
reflect who we want to become? 

If not, what would we want to change?


The outcome of that conversation was that Acceptance was certainly a

core value of our church.  We take pride in the fact that we are accepting

of varying viewpoints within our church family but were not sure that was enough.  To say that we are accepting says that everyone is accepted for

who they are and yet our actions do not always bear that out as true when

it comes to those from the community around us.  We would rather that

our Core Value here would become Community Engagement because

we see that as acceptance in action.  To effectively engage the

community requires a high degree of acceptance as well as a desire

to reach out to those who may be very different from us. 


The other change was similar in nature.  It was not a change of a

core value as much as it was a change in our understanding of it.  That core value was family.  We recognized that we value the nuclear family and even the family of John Wesley UMC but we need to broaden that core value to include the family of the surrounding community, the family beyond us.


So why go through this exercise together?  Because these values that

have been identified as our Core Values describe the way we do life and ministry together.  As we move into our vision for the coming year and set strategies for moving forward we need to be using these Core Values as a guide.  When we are considering a new ministry opportunity or a new program, or even whether or not to continue an existing ministry or program we should be asking ourselves how it relates to our Core Values. 
If it does not fit within our current core values, or those that we are striving for, we probably should be saying no to it.  To try to be successful in
a ministry or program that is outside of our Core Values invites us into 
an intense struggle as we attempt to do that which is not “natural” for us. 

Doing ministry that fits us means that we do that which
we most value
and that means that we are probably
ministering in the way that God designed us to minister.